Place of Interest

Barelang Bridge

This is a chain of six bridges of various types that connect the island of Batam, Rempang and Galang, giving the system its name. The smaller islands are Tonton, Nipah and Setokok. One of the islands is called Galang and has a special historical story about the Vietnam Refugee Camp where Vietnamese stayed on Galang Islands for 19 years (from 1976 to 1996). The journey takes about two hours from our Resort.

Tua Pek Kong Temple

Tua Pek Kong Temple (also known as Vihara Buddhi Bhakti Temple) is a very famous temple located in Nagoya.

Adhi Vinayakar Temple

Adhi Vinayakar Hindu Temple is near Nagoya, and is worshipped by the Hindus from all over the island.

Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya Buddhist Temple

The Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya Buddhist Temple is at Batam Centre and is one of the largest Buddhist Temples in Southeast Asia.

The Nagoya Hill Shopping Center

Opened in 2007, the shopping centre has three floors of shops, with a walk-through arcade on the ground floor. Located centrally in Nagoya, it is full of specialty shops, ranging from clothes and shoes, sports goods and apparel, traditional Indonesian handicrafts, furniture and Batik, electronic items and household appliances. There is also a large supermarket on the first floor selling just about everything and at reasonably prices.

The arcade on the ground floor has lots of restaurants, coffee shops and fresh fruit drink stalls, both with indoor and covered outdoor seating. The restaurants sell a variety of Indonesian, Asian and Western food and snacks, so there’s no reason to go hungry!

Batam City Square (BCS)

This is a large shopping centre in Nagoya. It has several boutique specialty shops, selling branded clothes for men and women, handbags and fashion accessories, branded shoes for men and women. BCS also has plenty of jewellery stores selling watches, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, etc.

There are also furniture shops selling household furniture such as dinning room sets, sofas, lounge and bedroom suites. Individual furniture pieces can also be purchased.

Restaurants and snack food outlets are aplenty in the shopping centre.

Mega Mall

This mall covers five floors and is packed with specialty shops, fashion and clothes shops, electronic goods shops and furniture stores. Branded items can be bought from most of the stores at good prices, and discounted sales are held regularly throughout the year, especially during the Ramadan month and Christmas and Chinese New Year periods.

The ground floor is home to hypermart or a large supermarket that sells all kinds of items. It also houses a bakery selling fresh bread, pastries and cakes.

The mall has plenty of restaurants and snack food outlets offering Indonesian, Asian and Western foods.

And for cinema-goers, there is XXI Cineplex Movie Theatre on the second floor, which has six screening rooms and showcasess the latest movies.

Diamond City Mall (DC Mall)

Located in Nagoya, DC Mall is a medium-sized mall with quite a few shops selling clothes, fashion accessories, shoes and jewellery, as well as Batik (Indonesian clothing). There is a computer shop selling both new and second-hand computers, a beauty shop and art shop (with resident artist). The mall also has a supermarket.

Polo Shop

This shop sells a large range of Polo clothing such as shirts, shorts and sporting apparel. It is located at Level 1 of Batam View Beach Resort.